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Featured article by YUMMY PLANTS, January 25, 2011: "How to Change the World -- One Yummy Treat at a Time"

YUMMY PLANTS did an article on Sarah and the inspiration behind her baking.  The article was featured on the site's homepage during the week of Janurary 24th.  You can read the article "How to Change the World -- One Yummy Treat at a Time" here.  If you feel inspired, please leave a comment!!

VegNews Magazine, October 2010 (p.75):"Big Time Brownies"

“Brownies are a big part of life at the VNHQ. We love desserts of all stripes, but brownies hold a special place on our plates. Imagine our delight when The Inspired Cookie launched Brownie Bliss, a gluten-free, wheat-free brownie that just so happens to be one of the tastiest we’ve ever tried. Rich chocolate combines with a perfect texture in these heavenly treats. We’ve certainly been inspired—to eat more brownies.”

Sarah Gill is the mastermind behind these delicious cookies! Her Peppermint Chocolate Chunk is mint chocolaty goodness and doesn’t even taste like it’s gluten-free and vegan. It’s my go-to snack when I’m craving something sweet.

Her other cookie flavors — Lemon Lavender and Espresso Lemon Chocolate Chunk — are pretty darn delicious too! If you wouldn’t mind clickin’ and votin’ for her…we’d be much obliged…(The survey is long but you can skip over all the rest except the second to last page the ONE question “Do you subscribe to VegNews Magazine?” and then fill in your name and email at the end.)

Ooh, and one more thing, did you know she developed a gluten-free, vegan brownie?? Wowsers, these things are the moistest, chocolaty, rich brownies I’ve tried…and they taste even better when they are frozen and then eaten. Let me leave you with this picture:
Don’t they look moist and yummy? Go vote for her…and then get yourself to Philz to pick up her cookies/brownie!

VegNewsletter May 2010: "Product Review"
Baking great brownies can sometimes make us feel a bit like Goldilocks searching for the perfect porridge-too dry, not chocolaty enough, or just missing that je ne sais quoi we crave. Thankfully, The Inspired Cookie has branched out from its gluten-free cookie-making factory and added the Bliss Brownie to its delicious offerings. Rich, dense, and extra-fudgey, this chocolate-chunk beauty had our staff asking with full mouths, "Are you sure this is gluten-free?" Delicious without the pesky allergens-or animal products-each individually wrapped treat tastes just right.

This Just In, April 2010: "Brownie Points"
Staff Pick: The new gluten-free brownies from The Inspired Cookie
The DL: This unique line of cookies—previously featured—is now bringing us the Brownie Bliss. To us, sweets are always inspirational, so we're excited about biting into these treats!

The San Francisco Examiner, March 8, 2009: "The Inspired Cookie is a gluten-free delight"
With names like Rejuvenation (chai ginger chunk), Enlightenment (espresso with lemon zest and chocolate chunks) and Excitement (coconut key lime cayenne), you’re not quite sure what to expect when you bite into an Inspired Cookie. But, after the first bite, you should expect to feel happy, satisfied or maybe even excited, especially if you are on a gluten-free diet.

 Philz Coffee Blog, August 14, 2009: "Super Supplier: Inspired Cookies"
Sarah Gill from THE INSPIRED COOKIE!! What a treat! Honestly, she has so much awesome and generous energy blasting out of her at all times that she convinced me, a die hard meat and potatoes type of dude, to try her Vegan, gluten free cookies. And believe me I was reluctant at first but she made a convert out of me. It’s like the cookies are a baked extension of her personality, brimming with flavor and choice ingredients, these little cookies are phenomenal. The Chai cookie is my favorite, spicy chocolate is a close second. Seriously, creative flavors, premium input – amazing output, Sarah has the vegan cookie game in a choke hold. Slide on by and pick one up. If she sees you, you’re getting a hug. Great lady, great cookies.

GoDairyFree.org product reviews by Alisa Fleming, author of Go Dairy Free: The Guide & Cookbook, August 2009
One word sums up how I felt when the beautiful box of Inspired Cookies arrived … EXCITEMENT. 
Yet this wasn’t the only emotion I was able to enjoy from these gift-worthy gluten-free goodies … Comfort, Warmth, Radiance, Tranquility, Grace, Enlightenment, Rejuvenation, and finally Bliss were all a part of the Inspired experience.
Seriously, I was thoroughly impressed by the delightful packaging, a tall rectangular canister that held over a dozen of these sizable, thick, and soft cookies … each one completely vegan (dairy-free and egg-free) and gluten-free. They also appeared to be free from refined sugars AND soy-free, though the ones with chocolate chunks may house some lecithin (ingredients are viewable on ones with chocolate The Inspired Cookie Website).

 VegNews.com, pick of the week, June 2009: "This Week's Must-Have: Inspiring Indulgence"
Sink your teeth into these imaginative morsels for a mood-altering experience.
For the tastiest attitude adjustment that happens to be gluten-free, reach for a sweet treat from The Inspired Cookie. With names like Jubilance and Bliss, these soft-baked beauties are sure to makeover your mood with expertly combined flavors and all-natural ingredients. Searching for a little peace of mind? Give Tranquility a try—refreshing lemon and soothing lavender pop in this sweet vanilla-based cookie. If you’d rather rev up your engine, indulge in Excitement, bursting with coconut, key lime, and cayenne for a surprisingly refreshing kick. With plenty of unique flavors, clean ingredients, and no common allergens, The Inspired Cookie caters to virtually every sweet tooth—and every mood.

"Sweet Afternoon"- This Just In (VegNews Magazine blog), a sneak peek at the latest vegan loot - Staff Pick, June 2009
With flavors as varied as Coconut Key Lime Cayenne and Double Chocolate Ginger Chunk, we can't wait to dig into this box. Touted as "cookies with intention," each flavor is labeled with its own emotion, such as "excitement," "warmth," and "tranquility." We feel inspired already!

"Vegan, Gluten-Free Inspired Cookies" - Gluten Free Asheville blog, May 2009

GoDairyFree.org product reviews by Alisa Fleming, author of Go Dairy Free: The Guide & Cookbook, August 2009

In the meantime, I am once again limited in what foods I can enjoy, which is why I turned to my friend and gluten-free/vegan cooking expert Sarah Gill, founder of The Inspired Cookie, for advice on baking substitutions. Now, let me warn you, these are no Inspired Cookies. Sarah's cookies are culinary masterpieces, but these little gluten-free, reduced fat, vegan cookies have been helping me to make it through a time of limited food options, and making it pretty painless to boot.

This recipe is adapted from Barbara Arnold's Chocolate Chip Cookies (Gluten Free) recipe on AllRecipes.com. But with Sarah's help, I was able to cut the fat, extend the life of the cookie, cut the sugar and leave out the egg.

Low Fat, Gluten-Free, Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies
Read full recipe & blog here