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Sarah Gill, the creator and founder of the Inspired Cookie, graduated from the School of Natural Cookery in Boulder Colorado in 2007. Food has always been her main passion, growing up with allergies to gluten and dairy gave her a creative outlet and a great adventure to play with different mediums in the kitchen. Even before culinary school she wrote Beginners' Vegan Guide: Restaurants, Recipes & Resources, an easy way of incorporating the vegan/wheat-free diet into your life. But The Inspired Cookie cookies are her greatest joy.  The ingredients are whole, no additives or unnecessary-ness and contain just a lot of heart. Sarah's mission is to help people eat as well as possible no matter what obstacles are in the way.
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The Inspired Cookie: the company who believes that ALL people have the right to enjoy flavorful, scrumptious and satisfying cookies that are wholesome, pure and nourishing. Food is energy and we put the best ingredients together with the best intentions to make the best products, to give you the best energy! Our products are vegan, gluten-free, 70% Organic, and 100% natural, so they never contain dairy, eggs, wheat or gluten. The source of most of our ingredients are local, fair trade, and organic. So most everybody can enjoy our cookies!